Monday, August 09, 2010

Would You Rather...?

There is a game that is often played as an icebreaker or just a way to pass the time called "would you rather...?" in which participants are asked a question in the form of "would you rather option a or option b?" and are forced to choose and option.  The questions can cover a wide range of topics and answers can be easy (would you rather eat chocolate or vanilla ice cream once a day?) or more difficult (would you rather have just one close friend or 10 friends who weren't as close?) depending on the purpose.  They can also be outright silly/gross (would you rather have no bladder control or no bowel control?)...the silly/gross ones often come out when you are playing with pre-teen boys...something in the age I think.
Anyhow, the other night while I was making supper the boys decided that I was either lactating chicken or a dairy goat that laid eggs.  They couldn't decide which.  (Their reasoning was that I had to be one or the other because I "make eggs" using egg replacer and water for baking due to a severe egg allergy and I make the milk for our bottle babies.) After we got done laughing I started thinking more seriously about the question. (this is a definite sign that I need to be back in school!)  Being a goat has definite advantages.  Goats are cute.  See how cute Jumper and Josie are?
But chickens give you cute baby chicks.  See how adorable the baby chick is?
There are also definite disadvantages to being both a goat and a chicken.  Goats eat garbage.  Chickens can't really do much...most can't even fly.  The more I thought on it, the more it became clear to me that there really wasn't a better choice between the two.  It didn't really matter if I was lactating chicken or a dairy goat that laid eggs.  That wouldn't change who I was, so there had to be a reason why I was stuck on this questions.
So I thought more about.  I tried to ignore option A and option B and focus on the form of the question.
What "would you rather" situation was I getting stuck in?  It didn't take me long to come up with the answer...Would I rather things stay the same or change? Would I rather stick with what I know or step out in faith?    The answer to this question really does matter, it matters much more than my answer to the lactating chicken/egg laying goat question.  Its a question between growing stagnant and being fresh, it's a question that I have to answer for myself, and a question that you have to answer for yourself.  Would I rather stick with what I know?  Sometimes I think it would be nice, but I'll never know what I'm missing if I don't step out in faith.
So my answer:  I'd rather be an egg laying diary goat who steps out in faith to embrace change, even though it terrifies me.

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