Saturday, August 28, 2010

First update from Michigan

I've been here for about five days now, so it's probably time to type up my "first impressions".   My cousin (Olga) and I traveled down together, while Ben and Papa pulled the trailer with all our stuff, since we were moving into unfurnished apartments and things like beds and desks take up lots of space.  The border went about as well as could be hoped, only about 2.5 hours, most of that spent waiting in line. I did not have any trouble crossing the border, but Olga's I-20 (similar to a student visa) had to be processed.  Other than the delay there, travel went remarkably well.  Couple spots of construction, but no major delays.
When we arrived in Holland we stopped at the bank first and got stuff sorted out there.  Or at least started sorting things out.  It took two more trips to the bank later in the week and I think we have it sorted finally. (See Mistaken Identity for the story as to why I had to sort things out at the bank)
So far seminary has been really good. We had orientation all week and sometimes it was overwhelming. Especially Tuesday. By the time we were done Tuesday afternoon I was so tired of listening and processing sound that I just took my hearing aids out and sat in my room/worked on unpacking, until dinner time. Dinner Tuesday night was at the President's house and there was really fun square dance like dancing and live music and Joy-friendly food.
Wednesday and Thursday were better days as far as having to process sound and not quite as exhausting. We only had time where we had to sit and listen for half the day...Wednesday morning was farmer's market, and Thursday afternoon was beach day, so those were both really good. Friday was all seminary retreat at Camp Geneva and sometimes the listening was tough because of the environment, but I did okay. We took communion as a body and I got to take communion too and that made me really happy. And we get to have chapel everyday, except weekends :)  Eventually I will be doing some signing during chapel, more than what I normally do, since I cannot sing without signing.
I did have a seizure Thursday night at Friendship House kickball, and people handled it really really well. Apparently I was really freaked out afterwards because I had no idea where I was or who was with me or anything, but it's all good. Evidently I told people I was going to have a seizure before I had one and they moved me to a safer spot. I don't remember any of it.
I love my roommates. They are super awesome and I think we are going to get on well. Their names are Lindsey and Jen. Last night after supper Lindsey and I made peach blueberry crisp and it was super yummy and joy-friendly. And Jen came into my room to give me a night-night hug.

Classes start Monday and I'm still exploring some internship options, so my impressions of seminary could change after those things fall into place, but I'm pretty sure it will be positive. 

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