Saturday, March 20, 2010

Returned-short version

This is a shorter version of the previous post.
We returned safely from New Orleans (NOLA) last night.  The trip had its ups and downs, but was overall very good.  I'm still a little tired and not necessarily completely coherent.
Here's a quick recap of the trip:
Friday night/Saturday: Travel to NOLA, settling in at the two churches where we would be staying.
Sunday:  Church in Slidell, alligator watching, St. Patrick's day Parade, tour of NOLA, College student Walmart run.
Monday: First day of work projects, spontaneous hymn sing at the big chuch before we left for work projects.  Crawfish night.  I learned that I am very very allergic to crawfish and that I have great friends who will take me to the hospital and make sure I get taken care of.
Tuesday: Second day of work projects.  Due to my benadryl and steroid cocktail I slept most of the day.  Amazing small group and worship time about resting in G-d's arms.  Found out I'd been accepted to Western for next year!
Wednesday: Third day of work projects.  Again I slept most of the day.  College students fed the homeless and went out for dinner.
Thursday: Fourth and last day of work projects.  I was awake for more of the day, but still slept most of the afternoon. We left for home at about 11:30pm.
Friday: driving home all day.  Again, I slept for most of it. Arrived safely back in Pella at about 5:30 pm, just in time for it to start snowing.

Work projects:
Gerald's house: siding, flooring, hot water heater, weeding-finished. Hallelu-JAH!
Arthur's house: painting the porch, staining the floor, replacing screens, replacing glass in the door- finished.  Hallelu-JAH!
Slidell church: landscaping, weeding, planting shrubberies, mulching-finished.  Hallelu-JAH!
Thrift store: not sure, painted a mural on the wall, did other stuff-finished.  Hallelu-JAH!
Other church: painted and other stuff- finished.  Hallelu-JAH!
Other projects: dirt moving, soffitting, painting, weeding, etc- finished.  Hallelu-JAH!

If you want more details, read the long version of this post.

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