Friday, January 03, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Fight

Oma is watching Bean for a a little bit - he's got a full belly and a dry diaper - so I think I can squeeze five minutes in here, then maybe the little stinker will be ready for bed.  Three weeks old blows my mind.
Anyhow, I'm joining up with the mob over at Five Minute Friday and today's word is "Fight".
So many words used in so many ways.  But it all comes down to a fight.  A fight for what is right and good.  A fight against what is bad.  Lately a lot of things have seemed like a fight to me.  I fight to get out of bed in the morning...or perhaps struggle is a better word, especially after I've been up most the night with a fussy baby who just wants to be held and rocked and fed.  I find to stay awake during the day.  I fight to keep calm when I can seem to figure out why Bean is crying, again, or sometimes still...I fight to find a balance in my new role as a mother while maintaining my old roles as wife and student and daughter.  I fight to navigate the new steps to the dance between our house and the big house.
Despite all the fighting, despite the daily struggles to figure things out and find balance I know that I will look back at all of it one day and shake my head - one day, maybe, I'll have found the balance that I am looking for.  One day, maybe, it won't be a fight to get out of bed in the morning and stay awake during the day.  Maybe.  Someday there won't be anymore fighting for anything.  And that will be a glorious day.  But until then, until that glorious day I will keep fighting.

This face makes all the fighting worth it though...


Taylor Rauschkolb said...

I totally relate to this-- especially remembering those newborn, new-mom days. Be encouraged--he will sleep (one day), and there will be a new, less-sleep-deprived fight for you, Mama. Carry on!

I loved reading your thoughts. This is my first time to link up--what a great community!

April said...

Joy - what a sweet face to make all the fights & struggles all worth while!

Jen @ Faith Mustard Seed said...

Your post on FB reminded me to do FMF...thanks friend!! What a cute picture to go with a great post!