Friday, July 05, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Beautiful

A week ago today a friend introduce me to something called "Five-Minute-Friday".  It's a blogging party put on by Lisa Jo.  Every Friday she puts out a prompt and over a hundred people spend 5 minutes - no more, no less - writing on the prompt, pure, unedited, and unfiltered. This is my first time attempting it. This week's prompt is "Beautiful".


Beautiful.  The hot summer sunset when the sky lights up purple and orange and red - like a campfire arching across the sky.  My alpaca babies as they learn to run in the wind.  Ghidora with her silky fawn fleece that sparkles and shines in the wind when she runs.  So much of what G-d has made is beautiful.  One of the most beautiful things I have encountered lately is hearing my baby's heartbeat - the quick rapid pulse of a tiny heart pumping a tiny amount of blood in my ever growing belly.  I'm learning to see that  belly as beautiful, as a reminder of the life growing in me.
Things unseen are beautiful too - forgiveness, grace, reconciliation.  It's beautiful to see people coming together after a rift has festered for years, coming together and being united again.  It's beautiful to stand in a large group of people and sing praises to G-d, to worship with abandon, with tears and arms raised, with laughing and dancing, with kneeling and praying.  It's even more beautiful when it's done with people from many nations and languages all together in one place for one purpose.
Beauty is all around us if we only open our eyes to see it.  It's in the trees and the sky and the grass and the flowers that bloom.  It's the butterfly that Littlest Brother caught in the garage the other day and released back outside to the sunshine.  It's the kittens that play in the barn.


Ghidora, just figuring out her legs


martha68 said...

hi joy,
i'm your neighbor at 5 minute Friday. i see we have some things in common. i too have seizures. since i was 20. mine were about 1 every 7-10 years until i hit about 55. then, i started having a mob of them...sometimes as many as weekly. not much for many seizure "victims", but lots for me. i developed an allergy to dilantin at age 50 so they started changing my meds around over a 4 year period with very little result. eventually (yes, it took 4 years!) they figured out it was hormonally related. put me on progesterone and the seizures magically stopped. (progesterone in addition to my seizure meds of course) now i'm back to my old routine and able to drive again.

i enjoyed your post and your blog. interesting to read about your life:) martha from

Letting the Words Escape said...

Hello 5 minute neighbor! Beautiful first post, and a beautiful blog. Love the pic of the baby alpaca! So sweet!

Joy said...

Hi Martha,
My seizures started in my early 20's too - almost 5 years ago now. At first they were horrid, multiple seizures a day, until they got me on a medication that worked and I wasn't allergic to. Dilantin is one of the many AEDs I'm allergic to. I'm on Lamictal now, because it's safest for Bean, and by the grace of the Lord, I haven't had one since Good Friday.