Sunday, February 17, 2013

Smorgasbord Sunday

Smorgasbord, as defined by is:
1. a buffet meal of various hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, salads, casserole dishes, meats, cheeses, etc.
2. an extensive array or variety
I've decided to make Sundays a smorgasbord of, writing about prayer points and plans.  Just an extensive array. :)

I get the honor of hanging out with the cute, cheeky little boy a couple times a week. I get to play with him while his mama gets some work done around the house.  In the first two photos you can see that he had blueberries with his supper and was very blue.  We fixed that at bath time. 

This last was pretty low key without any major appointments.  The only real surprise was that I threw my back out mid week and could hardly move.  A trip to the doctor for some muscle relaxants and a trip to the pharmacy for the strongest pain killers you can get without a prescription and I got fixed up.  Today I actually haven't needed my painkillers or muscle relaxants and all.  Though I'm thinking I might take some tonight just to keep it from seizing up at night again. Prayers that my back would stay limber and not seize up would be great.
This coming week we have one big appointment:  On Wednesday I head to London for an EEG (brain wave measuring thing) EEG's are fairly routine for me and this one is to monitor how my brain is doing in light of the medication switching that is happening and to follow up on Spot.  I'm thankful it's just an EEG for now and not an MRI, since I hate MRI's.  Prayers for safe travels and no snow storms would be great. (our last appointment in the city was a snow storm nightmare)  Also pray that the EEG would show good things about my brain, since I'm rather attached to it and we really don't want any more issues popping up. *EDIT* This appointment isn't until next week.  I fail at schedule keeping sometimes. The appointment is the 27th, which is not this coming Thursday.  But you can always start praying early. *END EDIT*
I got a fish tank for my birthday in January and we had 4 fish in it.  3 goldfish and 1 loach.  One of the goldfish and the loach died this week.  It was very sad.  We got a test kit and checked water quality and learned that there was too many nitrites and nitrates in the water (and just about everything else was wrong too...except pH and ammonia). So now we are working to balance everything else.  The two goldfish in the tank seem to be pretty much indestructible. 
It was super cold this morning when we got up, so we had a wonderful hoar-frost.  For my non northern climate friends, a hoar frost is what occurs when fog literally freezes on to any structure it can attach to...trees, fence posts, fence wires, etc.  When the sun shines on it, it is wonderfully bright.  When the wind blows gently it starts to fall off and it looks like it is snowing.  By mid morning it is usually gone because the sun melts it.
Frost detail on the fence wire.

Front yard tree

Sun coming up in the bush

view out towards the road with the sun just starting to play over the tree tops. 

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