Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Fun

In our family (meaning, in this case, my parents and siblings) we have a Christmas tradition in which each sibling comes up with a "to share" gift.  This gift is always edible and is cleared with mom beforehand to make sure we get food from all the food groups.  Then, as we open gifts on Christmas day, every so often we will open a "to share" gift and share it around. By the end of gift opening we are all quite full.
This year David and I decided we were doing veggies and dip.  But we didn't want to just do a veggie we did a veggie tree!
My favorite were the little yellow stars.  We made them using a Linzer tart cutter.  David cut out the big star for the top. 

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Valerie said...

Love the cauliflower 'snow'!