Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beauty from Brokenness

Sometimes in life we build ourselves castles.  Not castles of stones, but castles of comfort and castles of familiarity.  We find our security in something that we know.  They are fine castles, strong and tall.
But then something happens and our castles begin to crumble.  It's maybe not fast, but it happens.  Whatever we had found our security in, is no longer secure enough.  Before you know it, all you have is a pile of rubble. And it hurts.

It's easy to give in to despair, to think that all is lost.  But then something starts to happen. 
Something begins to form out of the rubble.  It's hard to say for sure at first what it is.  It doesn't look like what you had before.

But it is a thing of beauty.  
Beauty has come from Brokenness
I can't claim to know how it happens, I just know it does.  Again and again G-d brings beauty out of brokenness.  Grace is a wonderful thing.  Time and time again I build myself a castle of security, only to have it crumble just as many times, and to have G-d give me something even more beautiful.
Would we really know beauty if we did not know brokenness?  
I watched a short video clip today of a precious little boy crawling.  It filled my heart with joy. It would have been nothing spectacular, just a little boy crawling, except that doctors had told the parents of this little boy that it was physically impossible for him to crawl.  The beauty in that video was so much greater for the brokenness.

Being broken hurts, but I want to trust that G-d will, through His grace, bring something of beauty from it. 

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