Wednesday, July 07, 2010

If snow were like teddy bear hair...

If you are looking for something profound, you are in the wrong place today...just saying.  I've got a bunch of pain killers in me to deal with a migraine, so I don't even know how coherent I am. It's been a week since I've posted and my what a week it has been! I've spent most of it on crutches after Mauschen so nicely partially dislocated my knee for me.  As of today I've been walking without crutches, though I'm not sure how good an idea that was yet.  The pain killers kinda mean I don't feel the knee...I should know more tomorrow.
On Friday my cousin Daniel arrived and was helping with haying when he took a hay bale to his knee and completely dislocated it.  So the two of us have been crutch buddies.  Great times, great times....
Friday also brought two new babies to the farm, both boys, born before 8am and less than an hour apart.  Aardappel came first, followed by Nuggets.  Nuggets was born right into Aardy's placenta which caused a bit of problems as far as scent and attachment go.  The placenta is a stronger smell than the new baby, so when Nibbs turned around to sniff her baby, she smelled the placenta, which matched Aardy's smell, not Nuggets.  So she though Aardy was hers...Aardy had two moms, Nuggets didn't have any.  I almost called him Nobody's Nuggets for a time.   We ended up putting Nuggets and Nibbs in the ICU room until Nibbs decided that he was really hers.  Now everyone is happy and hot.
Here's their baby pictures: (It's too hot for me to go out and get new ones today)
Annie and Aardappel

Nibbs and Nuggets
I made a teddy bear today (no pictures until it's delivered to the person it's going to...sorry).  Part of making a teddy bear is trimming the fur in the seam allowance before sewing.  So basically giving teddy a hair cut. It makes a delightful mess because teddy fur is light weight and fluffy and soft...kinda like snow.  I've often said that snow would be better if it was warmer...I love snow, not a huge fan of Iowa cold though...We'll see if Michigan does better next year.  I thought teddy hair would make nice snow.  It might even be slippery enough to sled on if you get enough on it.  And I know you can roll it into balls for throwing too ( I may or may not have tried...) The only real problem would be what to do with it once snow season was over....cuz it wouldn't melt like real snow.  I suppose birds could use it for nesting...
I'm going to Iowa tomorrow.  We have a family reunion.  I won't actually get to Iowa until Friday, but we leave tomorrow.
G-d is really good at knowing what I need and when I need it.  One thing I've really missed since coming home from school is praying with people, one on one.  I started most days spring semester praying with someone.  It was cool. Anyhow, I made a computer phone (Skype to mobile) call to a dear friend on Sunday so I could talk to her before she left for Ethiopia.  We prayed together and sang together.  It was pretty sweet. Then on Monday I was talking with another dear friend, and her internet was being silly, so I computer phone called her as well.  We prayed together and decided on a time once a week where we can call and just pray together.  It's good and I'm glad for it.
I had more thoughts, but I forgot them.  Sorry.

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